Course work in communication includes the subjects of English, computer information systems, critical thinking, and public speaking. 


ENGL 212 - (English 2) Writing for Scholarly Audiences (4 units, Wed Eve - Online) - Summer/ Winter  *New QTR*
The application of rhetorical principles to further expository and persuasive writing and sharpening of skills in basic research writing. Readings, class discussions, and writing assignments foster critical thinking skills (including the recognition of logical fallacies) and acquaint students with academic language. Includes an introduction information literacy as well as to various styles of documentation. Students will enroll through Loma Linda University for course content and instruction provided online by the Division of English of Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Grades will be filed with and transcripts will be provided by Loma Linda University.
Prerequisite: English 110 Writing for General Audiences (English Composition 1 of 2 sequence) C or higher, ACT and SAT not accepted.
Tuition*: $275/unit, Textbook: TBA *this course is not aid eligible (private loans, military and employer benefits still applicable); Summer Class is 6-7pm, Winter Class is 5-6pm.
***Classes with less than 5 students 48hrs prior to the late registration period may be subject to cancellation.***

Computer Information Systems

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