Loma Linda University is pleased to announce its participation in the CARE Online Consortium!

What is a Consortium?

A consortium is a collaboration of multiple private, faith-based universities to provide online courses that would not otherwise be available to LLU Students. LLU Students will register for these courses through the normal registration process at LLU and receive credit on their LLU transcript! The only difference from a LLU Course is that students will enter the course using the host institution’s learning management system.

How does the consortium work?

Consortium courses are essentially like any other Loma Linda University course. Registration, transcripts, tuition payment, and student support are all through Loma Linda University. 

As a student, you are registering through LLU. Your grade will be on your LLU transcript (it will look no different than a traditional LLU course). Your payment will be through LLU. The ONLY difference is where you log in to take the actual course material, which will be through the teaching institution's (Andrews University) learning management system (not the LLU Canvas LMS).

You may hear different terms for the consortium. OCICU or the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities and ACADEUM are the two exchange services Loma Linda uses to facilitate the transfer of course and registration information between institutions. 

Under ACADEUM is a sub-consortium known as CARE Online (Consortium of Adventist Higher Education), or the group of SDA institutions that LLU collaborates with. 

Both OCICU and ACADEUM (CARE Online) are used to collaborate directly with Andrews University and other teaching institutions. 

Therefore, as a student, you may hear "OCICU", "ACADEUM", "CARE Online", or just Consortium. They all refer to the same thing and will not affect anything from the student perspective

These courses are accelerated semester-based courses. Therefore, students should plan approximately double the normal time required to take a course.

All courses are online and available multiple times a year! See the Course Schedule for availability.

The following is a list of courses that are available at LLU:

Course Type LLU Domain Consortium Title (LLU Catalog) Availability
Intro Spanish Humanities Elementary Spanish 1 (4 units)
Elementary Spanish 2 (4 units)

TBD (Pending a Host Institution)
TBD (Pending a Host Institution)

US History Humanities Survey of Amer History to 1865 (4 units)
Survey of Amer History Since 1865 (4 units)
Every Quarter
Every Quarter
Literature Humanities Survey of World Literature (4 units) Every Quarter
Intro to Philosophy Humanities Intro to Philosophy (4 units) TBD (Pending a Host Institution)
Intro to Music Humanities Music Appreciation (4 units) Every Quarter
Art Appreciation Humanities The Language of Art (4 units) TBD (Pending a Host Institution)
Mathematics Natural Science College Algebra (4 units)
Trigonometry (4 units)
Every Quarter
TBD (Pending a Host Institution)
Sociology Social Science Intro to Sociology (4 units) Every Quarter
Economics Social Science Macroeconomics (4 units)
Microeconomics (4 units)
Every Quarter
Every Quarter
English 2 Communication Composition II (4 units) Every Quarter
Interpersonal Communication Communication Interpersonal Communication (4 units)
Intercultural Communication (4 units)
Every Quarter
Every Quarter

For questions or general support regarding Consortium courses, please email us at ge@llu.edu


The following are FAQ's and their answers. It should be noted that students seeking to enroll in OCICU courses discuss their options with an advisor. If you need assistance from the GE team, please email us.

Q: When are my assignments due?
A: At the end of the LLU term (See important dates)

Q: I see that I have several months to complete my coursework on my Andrews course syllabus. Is this true?
A: No, that is for non-LLU students joining the course. You have until the end of the LLU term.

Q: Where do I log in for class?
A: Via the link provided by Andrews. They will also provide you with an Andrews email and access to their support structure (i.e. library). This course will not show up in Canvas through LLU

Q: Where do I drop if I need?
A: In the LLU Banner system where you registered via LLU.

Q: Where will my grade post?
A: On your LLU transcript.

Q: When will my grade post?
A: At the end of term with the other LLU grades. There may be a few days between when your LLU course grades post and the consortium grade posts as this is a manual process in the LLU system. 

Q: Is this course aid eligible?
A: Most are aid-eligible (starting Fall 2023). However, some are not. Be sure to check the LLU.edu/ge website for this information. NOTE: you must be in an aid-eligible program to qualify for aid.

Q: What LMS does Andrews use?
A: Blackboard

Q: I received a bill from Andrews, what do I do?
A: Disregard it, LLU has already paid on your behalf.

Q: I registered as a non-degree and do not have an academic advisor. Who can I contact for help?
A: ge@llu.edu we can provide basic advisement.